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Our wedding day: May 19, 2012

Engaged: November 19, 2010

18 months to plan!

Our Story

Our lives crossed paths on June 10, 2010. Chris had just graduated from Northeastern University, and I was finishing my last semester at Wentworth Institute of Technology, just blocks from NU.  Having become a full member of the Catholic Church the past Easter, I knew that I wanted to meet someone who could share my faith and grow in it with me.  Chris had also come to the conclusion that he wanted to be with someone who understood what his faith meant to him.  Within days of each other, we both joined Catholic Match and the very same night he joined, Chris sent me a message.  I responded almost immediately, and we began sending each other messages back and forth. We found that we had so much in common, it was almost uncanny.  I was drawn to Chris' strong foundation and he was impressed by my decision to join the Church of my own volition.  After a couple days of emailing, Chris asked if he could call me, and we were both pleasantly surprised to find that the conversation flowed as smoothly over the phone as it had online.  After talking all weekend, we decided to meet early the next week at a local pub that we had both frequented in college.  The date was planned for a Wednesday night, but Chris couldn't wait and asked if he could come to my neighborhood for a walk on Tuesday. It was the strangest feeling, walking around the corner, and meeting for the first time the man I felt I already knew so well.  It had only been 5 days that we had even known each other existed, and we already felt like old friends. We spent every evening of that first week together, and began a list of places and things we wanted to show each other. Neither of us had ever felt this excited about another person. Unfortunately, Chris had to travel the next week, and so that weekend, before he left, he asked if I would be his girlfriend, and I agreed! Over the summer months, Chris travelled for work often, and I was busy finishing my degree.  We spent every day he was in the city together, and talked online or over the phone every night.  What seemed like unfortunate timing was in fact blessing in disguise.  Those evenings talking while Chris was away gave us a deep understanding of each other, and a chance to learn things about each other that would usually take months and years instead of weeks.  We found that we wanted the same things in life... and that we wanted to spend our lives together.


Five short months later, Chris gave me the best birthday present a girl could dream of... an engagement ring! On the walk over to a Japanese restaurant, where he had made dinner reservations, he stopped in front of me, got down on one knee and pulled out a beautiful ring, to which I said "yes"!

In reality, it didn't go quite so smooth. It was a cold evening, and as Chris pulled me through Harvard Medical School's courtyard, I knew something was up.  He kept an arm's length ahead of me, and as we neared the middle of the green, he stopped about three feet shy of the bench where we had our first kiss. He stopped in front of me, and reached into his inner coat pocket.  After a few tugs, he pulled out a giant blue box (or as he refers to it, "The Clam Shell").  I knew what he was going to ask, so when he grabbed my right hand to hold it, I assumed he was reaching for the wrong hand, so I tried to switch hands in a way I thought was clever, but probably just came across as awkward. As he got on one knee, he opened the box... upside down! The box flipped open the opposite way, and a cleaning cloth was displayed to me. He quickly turned the box around and asked the words I was waiting for, and with a "yes, yes, of course yes," we were engaged!